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While Software Pay does not condone the use of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE or SPAM), Usenet or message board postings or other similar methods of electronic, unsolicited mass messaging, we cannot prohibit our publishers from legitimately promoting their own web-sites or products as they see fit.
While some publishers may use the "software-pay.com" address in legitimate marketing mailings and contacts, our publishers may not use the "software-pay.com" address in any unsolicited contact. If this negative practice is brought to our attention, we will respond accordingly with the publisher to prevent recurrence and potential negative consequences to our business. This policy is not intended to discourage legitimate marketing initiatives and the incorporation of any integrated or web store purchase or download links in these initiatives.
Software Pay is not, nor ever will be, the originator of any unsolicited contacts on behalf of our publishers, and we encourage the recipient of any such contact to discover the true originator of the unsolicited message and report it to their ISP. If you have received an unsolicited contact from someone who is using our “software-pay.com” address in their mailings, please contact us immediately at support@software-pay.com.


At Software Pay, we take fraud prevention very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest standards of fraud protection. Fraud prevention is in our best interest as we recognize that any allowance of fraud through our system may jeopardize our relationships with not just our customers, but with all of our partners.
However, due to the dynamic and proprietary nature of the Software Pay fraud detection system, disclosure of specific information pertaining to individual orders or our processes may create exposure to ourselves, our security partners, and most importantly, our customers. This information may also change during the security process and result in dated, irrelevant information. As a result, we will not disclose any specific fraud or security information as we feel that may cause it to be compromised or unnecessarily challenged.
We promise you that Software Pay actively monitors, evaluates, and implements the latest and most effective tools of fraud prevention and consistently balances those available measures with the possibility of discouraging or causing legitimate sales to be lost.
While we do everything within our power to prevent it and have achieved a fraud level significantly below the industry standards, we do recognize that individual occurrences of fraud may occur. In the event that Software Pay determines that a fraudulent order has occurred, Software Pay will assume the responsibility of that order. We hope you understand and appreciate our position on fraud prevention and are confident in the measures deployed, however, if you have any concerns regarding the overall amount of fraud in your account, please contact us at support@software-pay.com.

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